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Thank you to all those who have stayed connected with this Recovery & Me Facebook page over the years. This movement and online community began in 2013 to connect Berks County, PA residents (and beyond) with information about upcoming recovery-focused events and support. As we move forward, we want to make you aware of some necessary and exciting changes. These changes are to make sure that the content for this community stays current and relevant. Expect to see the following changes in the coming weeks and months:

  1. As of January 2020, the Recovery & Me website will be merged with the new Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) site. Since its inception, the content and maintenance of the R&M website & Facebook page have been managed by COCA staff. With a new website coming, the decision was made to merge the R&M content with the COCA website. The recoveryandme.org URL will still exist, it will just take you to the recovery section of the new COCA website.
  2. The R&M Facebook page is evolving to be the official Facebook Page for the Berks RISE Center. The content of this page will remain very similar, and will still be focused on recovery-focused events and inspiration, just with the focus on the new RISE Center.

The RISE Center is a newly opened Recovery Resource Center in Reading, PA. When R&M began as an online community, we had no idea that years later we would have the opportunity to open a recovery-focused community center in Berks County.

Every day of the week, the RISE center hosts recovery-focused events, and you’re invited! This center recognizes various pathways to recovery and serves the community to provide Recovery Information, Support and Education (RISE) to Berks County residents.

We hope you’ll stay connected with us and we hope to see you soon at the RISE Center!

Thanks all,

COCA staff (the people behind R&M)

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