Stories of Recovery

The stories and testimonials on this page reflect the experience, strength, and hope of many who have suffered from the disease of addiction. Everyone endures their own personal trials and tribulations during active addiction, just as everyone walks their own particular path towards recovery. While the experiences are distinct to each individual, there are shared commonalities amongst anyone who has been touched by the hand of addiction. By sharing with one another, we help each other solidify a more healthy way of living.

We welcome you to share your story, insights or expressions of appreciation regarding what recovery from addiction means to you.  You may choose to remain anonymous by including only your first name or no name at all. You can send your submission to us for consideration through the “Submit Your Story” link at the top of the page.

Please note that the articles displayed on this page were submitted for posting on this website. These articles do not necessarily express the opinions or beliefs of Recovery & Me or any of it’s relating entities.

Feature Stories

There is Freedom
Out of the Shadows

When I Finally Became Willing
I Didn’t Quit… I Got Caught

Addiction & Recovery Patiently Wait
Living on the Edge…

Personal Stories

I Found My Way
It’s Different This Time
My OA Recovery
Learning to Be a Friend
So Very Grateful
My Voyage of Recovery
Thriving in Recovery

Voices of Recovery

A Lot of Pain and Misery
A New Life
Al-Anon ACOA Miracle
Alive & Aware
Finally Made a Commitment
Getting Life Back
Grateful for Recovery House
Lauren’s Journey
Living Sober
Living a Manageable Life
Living on Life’s Terms
Magic Happens with the Group
Miracle of Sobriety
My Recovery My Life
My Life Has Meaning
Ode to Recovery
Thankful to be Sober
Thank You AA
Recommitting to Recovery
Recovery Changes Everything
Recovery is the Bomb
Recovery Rocks

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