Online Links / Resources

Addictions & Recovery
Addiction and recovery information for individuals, families and health professionals.

The International Journal of AA articles, stories, jokes, letters, subscriptions since 1944.

Faces and Voices of Recovery
Faces & Voices believes that our nation’s response to the crisis of addiction should be based on sound public health science and the grassroots engagement and involvement of the recovery community – people in recovery, their families, friends and allies – organized in identifiable and mobilized networks of recovery community and allied organizations that foster collaboration, advocacy and public education about the reality of addiction recovery.

Hindsfoot Foundation
The Hindsfoot Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 for the publication of materials on the history and theory of alcoholism treatment and the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery.

In the Rooms
A HUGE comprehensive online social network for the Recovery community worldwide; it does not endorse any particular modality or treatment. It is for people recovering from any and all addictions. Like Facebook, for recovering people, but better. It offers podcast speakers, meetings and many recovery resources.

Jaywalker Site
A site dedicated to the 12 Steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Recovery Coaching Services, Inc.
An organization dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery from alcoholism and addictions by providing support and guidance through Recovery Coaching to ensure best possible outcomes.

Recovery Swag
A great place to find gifts for a sponsor/sponsee, or anyone in recovery – including yourself.  Recovery merchandise from many 12 Step fellowships, as well as non -12 Step recovery items.

Sober 24
Online social media site that helps people throughout the world maintain their recovery from addiction and compulsive behaviors.  It is also a great resource for families and friends of addicted persons.  Sober 24 also has online meetings.

Sober Nation
Sober Nation is a national resource center and online community for people seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Find articles, podcasts, videos and more…

Stories of Hope
Stories from some of the 85 million people in the United States that has been affected by addiction. Read other stories and words of encouragement and support or add your own, and you can change someone’s life.