Voices of Recovery: A New Life

VOR - New LifeIt is hard to express how much my recovery means to me. My whole life has changed. Looking back I cannot believe how much things changed: the way I think about myself, the way I feel about other people, my hygiene, finances, relationships, all across the board.
– Ray G.

My recovery is important to me because of the life that I now lead.  I can love, live, and respect all the things that I could not do during my other life. Today, I know what unconditional love is; to be so vulnerable to let someone in to get to know who I am is beyond words. SO, what recovery means to me is to be happy and to be love like never before.
– John G.

Many times in my life, I felt hopeless from 11 years old to 26 years old. At 26, my life completely changed. The world opened and I finally saw that I could participate in my life. I had hope in a very small way. But it was more than I any I had before. Over the years of continuous sobriety, I have experienced great joy and a connection to others and to myself that I never believed was possible.
– Anonymous

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