Voices of Recovery: Recovery Rocks

VOR Recovery Rocks_Artboard 4It wasn’t easy to get where I am today. I wasn’t a first timer. But, every time that I came back I learned more and stayed longer. Until I learned about people, places and things that affected me I could not stay sober. I was living in hell and knew I wanted a better way of life; but I was afraid to let go and move on. Getting a sponsor and allowing myself to have an open mind, I started working the steps; and before I knew it Life started getting better; all the things I gave away in my life were coming back- due to God.

I truly love being in recovery and love the woman I am today. There is nothing like helping other women overcome their addiction. I give back because it’s what we’re supposed to do. I have a little over 5 years now and I am blessed to be in recovery.  I thank God, my sponsor, and the people in the rooms (my AA family) for the life I lead today.


-Roxanne P. from Lebanon PA

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